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Leather Spray System - - Reciprocation Leather Spray System

Reciprocation Leather Spray System

New-generation spray system, basically designed for high consistency spray coating. Because of easy acquisition of high consistency, paint material can be saved, control system can be simplified, and maintenance made easier.

Uses a photoelectric sensor to measure the position of leather, and the movement of leather on a conveyor belt, then by calculation of a microprocessor, automatic control will drive the spray gun on a lever-less pneumatic cylinder (or motor chain) to spray paint on the appropriate positions of the required leather surface.

Using an automatic one half overlapping spray coating method, spray paint is fed onto the leather at a constant speed. In each spraying process of the spray gun, one half is overlapped, thereby saving the use of paint and preventing waste, and the spraying effect can be ensured to be consistent and perfect. Working with a “700C conveyor type leather measuring machine” and drying room (can be bought with the machine) to achieve integral requirement of automated measuring, spray paint, and drying operation. It is the model to ensure consistent coating, practical performance and easy maintenance.


Suitable types of leather:


Product features

    Unique development of photoelectric sensor mechanism, automatic detection of irregular leather movement.
    Adopts microprocessor calculation program, operates a solenoid to move the spray gun, to execute accurate spray coating.
    Adopts ACME high performance spray gun, which is resistant to obstruction and easy to clean.
    Adopts high performance lever-less pneumatic cylinder (or motor type chain) swaying spray gun, for automatic reciprocal spray coating operation.
    Reserved design for advance spray ejection and delayed spray finish, to suit particular spray coating requirement.
    Equipped with voltage stabilizer and current stabilizer, to ensure delicate and precise spray coating operation.
    Coating material system adopts two high sensitive membrane pumps, with independent piping, respectively control water based and oil based coating materials, to ensure easy alternative operation and consistent quality.
    Circuit control box panel is easy to operate; function indicator lamps are easy to understand.
    Transmission system conveyor belt is 200# nylon wires, driven by 2HP step-less speed changer, to ensure excellent loading performance.
    Ventilating system adopts large caliber 30” axial flow fan to ensure powerful ventilation efficiency.
    Machine body is a steel pipe assembly, which is robust and durable. 
    Water reservoir in the spray paint room is made of stainless steel to resist deterioration and facilitate cleaning. 
    In conjunction with heat exchange type (steam or infrared ray) drying room, to ensure quick drying of coating materials.


Technical Data:



Effective width

1800 mm or other

Number of gun

4~8 guns(ACME)

Number of coat

4 or 2 coat per through

Line speed

Max 11 m/min

Material feed

Two system two pumps

System control

photo-electronic , microprocessor

Dry chamber

Steam heated (Infrared)

Air consumtion

870 liter/min ,6 kg/cm²

 Electric power


Space required

(include dry chamber)

19550×3730×2500 mm