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Founded in 1978, ACME was initially engaged mainly in the maintenance and servicing of imported machines. However, due to a special operating environment in leather manufacturing plants, the high heat and high humidity climate conditions in Taiwan have caused serious harm to electronic circuits. Most electronic leather measuring machines with sophisticated wiring and functions have suffered some type of problems within their first two years of operation. In view of that, we started to develop machines with simplified wiring circuits, practical functions, and easy access to maintenance.

We continue to make design revisions and process improvements, based on our experience of actual operation, and by listening to customer’s comments on their use of our products, and after years of relentless full effort devotion, our technology has surpassed all imported models, and we have fulfilled a series of ACME “electronic leather measuring machines”, providing the widest range of operational requirements, which are sold to Europe and American countries, and have secured the lion’s share of the Asia-Pacific markets.

After that, based on accumulated experiences from our development of electronic leather measuring machines, we sought an unconventional design for an automatic leather painting system using the same electronic control, and developed a model which was easy to operate, maintain, and highly applicable to a variety of spray-paint requirements – the ACME “Reciprocal Leather Automatic Spray-Paint System”, which was widely accepted by the leather industry, and was expanded to the spray paint market for plastic leather. After that, we targeted the improvement of our rotary-type spray system, providing more convenience to mass production. We presented the ACME “rotary-type automatic leather spray system” and received high commendation. Therefore, in the applications of spray painting on leather and artificial leather, we have built up a complete array of product series, providing a solution for one-stop purchasing.

Based on the conception of “high performance, correct operation, low maintenance”, we continue to seek innovation and research to ensure our products have reached the best quality. Meanwhile, we also provide customized service, conduct design of innovative models for customer’s individual requirements, and provide consultancy and repair services.

In the future, we shall continue to adhere to the concept of practicability and reliability, and continue to exert our best efforts in our professional sector.